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Cardio from home

12 Best Full-Body Cardio Exercises To Try At Home (No Heavy Equipment Needed)

written by antimatterfit
On Jan 13, 2021
Cardio from home

“Wanna have fun while exercising? Try Cardio!!”

Cardio is any activity that increases your heart rate to the target heart rate and at the same time reduce calories in your body. These activities are often rhythmic and is the most fun way to stay fit and healthy. Cardio is not limited to sets of activities but is more of a freestyle exercise. You can set the workout time though and take a proper cardio workout session at home. No need for any special equipment, cardio can be performed anywhere (home, garden, office, etc) and still give you the best of results.   

Cardio on a Daily Basis

If not that athlete body but your goals are limited to reducing weight, keeping your heart&body healthy and stay in shape then Cardio is just your thing. They are not as intense as GVT or HIIT training programs but Cardio exercises target your entire body and help you achieve your health goals if performed regularly and in the right way. 


  • Keeps your heart healthy (no heart diseases)
  • Ensures adequate oxygen supply to your muscles. 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces Asthma
  • Aids PCOD problems
  • Regulates weight (by burning extra calories)
  • Improves Immunity
  • Lower risk of injuries while exercising 
  • Keeps your mind and body active the entire day
  • You can enjoy doing cardio
  • Reduces symptoms of hypertension

12 Ideal Cardio Exercises At Home Targetting your entire body

Cardio exercises can be enjoyed by people of any age group provided that they have to perform the exercises as per their potential and limits. Likewise, kids can opt for many fun activities while the elderly can go for moderate cardio workouts and adults can opt for intense cardio for better results.  

  1. Jumping Rope – It targets hands, arms and leg muscles and helps you burn approx 200 calories in 20 mins if done dedicatedly.
  2. Dancing and Aerobics – The exercise targets your entire body and helps you reduce weight with speed. You burn approx 250 calories in 30 mins. 
  3. Fast walking and Jogging – Good for hands, arms, thighs and legs. Ideal cardio for the elderly but one might need to keep a slow pace if suffering from heart condition or hypertension.  
  4. Boxing with a punching bag – A popular trend among millennials, this is the best form of cardio helping you reduce 300 – 400 calories in 30 mins. 
  5. Climbing stairs – No equipment, no schedule, no training nothing needed, sway yourself on the staircase of your house and your workout is done. Calories burnt depends on the no. of stairs and no. of reps. 
  6. Jumping Jacks – The exercise helps you burn approx 100 calories in 10 mins. The exercise is simple and can  be performed by 
  7. Burpees – A little intense workout but is quite beneficial for those who are looking to reduce weight with speed. Burpees can help you reduce more than 100 calories in just  10 minutes if done dedicatedly.
  8. Squat Jumps – A true fat burner, the exercise targets your belly fat and your thighs. As the name says you have to jump and then tough the ground maintaining a squat position. It can help you burn approx 150 calories in 10 mins. 
  9. Kickboxing – The blend of karate and boxing, this exercise is perfect if you want to work on your thighs, belly and arms. Similar to burpees it can help you burn around 100 calories in 10 mins.
  10. High Knees – No equipment needed, the exercise involves running in the place. You can do it in your room, hall, living or any other place at home. It doesn’t need space. It works perfectly on your belly fat and thighs. You can burn approx 150 calories in 10 mins. 
  11. Butt Kicks – Just the opposite of high knees, butt kicks involve the movement of heels touching your butt. It is a good workout for the legs. Ideal for any age group. 
  12. Crab Walk – Considered as one of the best workouts, this is rather a fun activity that will keep the kids engaging to exercise. Crab walk helps in improving the blood flow while working on your back, core and legs. Best for adults as well.  

Disclaimer: People with breathing problems, hypertension, heart diseases or any other ailment are requested to consult a doc or expert before indulging in any intense cardio activity.  


There is no denying the fact that Cardio is the best full-body workout that can be performed with no or minimal equipment at home itself. Benefits are immense and the pressure is none. A little cardio exercise every day at home can do wonders to a body keeping it healthy, well-aligned and in shape also improving the blood flow, heart rate and increasing immunity. Cardio can be done at any time of the day with music on for motivation. Once you start doing it regularly there is no going back. Stay Fit and Stay Healthy..!! 

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