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Get a Healthy Weight Gain in just months with these 5 weight gain training programs

written by antimatterfit
On Jan 12, 2021

‘Tum Lucky Ho Jo Itna Junk Khane Par Bhi Mote Nahi Hote’ trust me this is not a real blessing.  

Situation – 1

Astha: Oh Rina you are tall and fair but that thin body really doesn’t compliment your personality. Why you eat so less?

Rina: Trust me I eat way more than you. I really don’t know where this food goes? 

Astha: Take raw eggs with milk every morning. Yes, it’s a bit too much to swallow but it will definitely hit your body. 

Rina: Hey pal what you think haven’t I tried it? I have done all the ‘totkas’ to gain that weight but it seems impossible now

Astha: Have you tried consulting an expert about your problem. 

Situation – 2

Sid: Hey did you pass the entry for this year’s college boxing championship? 

Amit: No man, I didn’t even clear the physical fitness round. Supervisors say I am so lean for even participating in this tournament. They even think I should change my sports profile from boxing to some less strenuous games like tennis or badminton. 

Sid: But you had this dream to participate in fact win this tournament. Hard luck dude. 

Amit: Yeah, but now the whole thing just seems too hard for me.

There are so many people like Amit and Rina who have nearly given up on gaining weight. Normally the last verdict they have is ‘it’s impossible’. But actually, it is the lack of proper fitness guidance. As overweight is the problem for many, underweight is an equivalent issue. 

While many articles talk about losing weight let me give you a silver lining by discussing the weight gain training programs that will let you achieve weight which is not at all the ‘unhealthy fat’. This write-up is valuable for girls as well as boys. Stay tunned..!!

Please Note Never-ever rely on junk food to gain weight. This is the unhealthy fat you are consuming which is capable of making you weak, tired and sick.   

Weight Gain Training Program – For quick results on your body

Yeah Weight gain through exercise. The very first quality is you gain good weight, you become stronger than ever and you could work on the particular parts of the body like muscles, abs or thighs. Like definitely you don’t want a tummy. 

Intensive Training

If it is all about the muscles here are some exercises/training you are probably looking for:

  • 5X5 program 
  • Volume training
  • The FST-7 Training
  • Upper/Lower Split
  • Full Body Workout

5X5 program

This is a highly intense workout targeting the muscles of your entire body (upper and lower regions). The training has 5 sets of activities with 5 reps in each set. A sure-shot way of gaining muscle volume. 

Workouts: Squat, Bench Press, Barbell Row, Overhead Press and Deadlift.  

German Volume Training

If the mass volume is your trophy, then German volume training your game. GVT is quite similar but the more intense version of the 5X5 program. GVT has 10 activities with 10 reps each. It is diplomatically designed to target two all the primary muscle groups in a week (6 days). 


Chest and Back:  Incline bench press, bent over row, incline dumbbell press, single-arm row. 

Legs: Front Squat, Romanian deadlift, split squat, kettlebell swing

Shoulder and Arms: Overhead press, biceps curl, diamond press-up, plank.  

FST-7 Training

The muscle-building drill is a task to accomplish but the results will be satisfactory to the level of all the discomforts you bore during this training. FST-7 training is another in the league which you can adopt to achieve that extra pump on your muscles.  FST stands for Fascia Stretch Training it is like a complimentary yet important workout, that you will be doing as the last exercise after any set practiced (5X5 or GVT). The target here is to stretch the connective tissue (the soft tissue that is found close to your muscles). 


Barbell Curl, Barbell Squats, Dumbbell Bench Press, Bent-Over Barbell Row, Seated Dumbell Shoulder press

Upper/Lower Split

Nothing best can be achieved with ease. The name very much resembles the objective of this workout. Well, complete training is divided into two segments upper-boy exercises and lower-body exercises. The goal is to alternate between two upper and two lower body workouts in a week (6 days). 


Upper 1: Bench press, bent over rows, seated dumbbell shoulder press, Lat pulldowns, low cable chest flyers, dumbbell curl, rope cable face pulls.

Lower 1: Back Squats, glute-ham raises, alternating forward lunges, lying hamstring curls, standing smith machine calf raises.

Upper 2: Pull ups, dumbbell bench press, barbell push press, cable Lat pullovers, bodyweight pushups, bar bicep curls, dumbbell trice kickbacks.

Lower 2: Leg press, deadlift, dumbbell shrug, leg extensions, seated machine calf raises, hanging leg raises. 

Full Body Workout  

5X5 and GVT can be considered full-body workouts as they target the two primary muscle groups. But here comes a type where there is one exercise dedicated to each muscle group (chest, back, arms, abdominals, legs, shoulders), this training is called Full-body-workout. Adding on to the FBW, you can practice exercises targeting connective (small) muscles. 


Barbell Bench press, lat pullups, dumbbell press, leg extensions, bicep curls, triceps rope pushdowns, machine chest press, lateral raises, T-Bar row, lunges, hammer curls, cable fry, skull crushers, close grip pulldowns, etc.   

Do Not Forget Nutrition

There are people who tend to forget nutrition in the run to do proper workouts. Well, it won’t help. The satisfaction of a workout doesn’t mean you can fill up on whatever comes your way. Appropriate nutrition along with proper training will help you achieve your goals faster and better. AVOID JUNK..!! CHEAT DAY – the concept is fascinating but needs to be practiced once a week.   

For advice on nutrition while you are on weight gain training you can approach a certified nutritionist/dietician. Your efforts will reward you when you will look at yourself in the mirror.      


Weight gain training programs are the only key to your dream body structure. Bring a full-stop to comments like ‘he skinny’, ‘why don’t you eat?’ ‘are you sick?’, you look weak and so on… These training programs will not only increase muscle volume but help you gain strength, endurance, confidence, focus, willpower, etc. It Will make you strong enough to reduce injuries, chances of diseases, protect you from outer weather and whatnot. 

SAY NO TO STEROIDS or WEIGHT GAIN PILLS with these training workouts.   

Disclaimer: These weight gain heavy workouts bear a risk of muscle injuries if performed wrong. Always do them under the expertise of the personal coaches. In fact Let them make a schedule for you.  

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