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Frequently asked Questions

What is AntimatterFit?

AntimatterFit is all you need to get Fit and stay Fit @ Home. Through AntimatterFitWorkout anywhere, anytime at the convenience of location (home, park, society, office etc). You can have Live, online and offline face-to-face sessions with certified and experienced trainers in Wide range of fitness training – work-out plans, yoga, martial arts, dance, nutrition and many more – for all age groups customized as per you need and goal.

What are all the fitness services I can choose from in my city?

You can choose from different categories and sub-categories of services :

Categories like Personal Training/Dance Fitness/Yoga/Dietitian/Martial Arts etc. Options are given to make your search easy.
Different Sub-Categories are available in every category (Example: Yoga (Main) > Fitness Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation)

How can I choose my city for tranining?
  • Open the AntimatterFit App
  • Enable  your location(GPS) to let the app will show services in your current location/city or you change your current/preferred location on the top Right corner.
What is talk to Expert?

Through our talk to Expert section you can book a Free session of around 5 minutes for your fitness related queries. You can book this session from our “Talk to Expert” section in support from home screen.

Can I take offline session at any other location than my home?

Yes, You can take offline sessions of any place of your choice like home, park, society, office etc

Can I book service for different city than my current city?

Yes, you can book Service/package for different city than your current city. You have to change location from top right corner on home page of App as we offer different services in different cities and choose desired category to purchase package from the different options of sub-categories of service in that category.

What is the validity period for my selected package?

Different packages under every service type has different validity periods that is clearly mentioned under packages.

What is the price structure of Packages?

All of our packages have different price structure depending on the number of sessions, training mode(offline/online) and City.

Can I reschedule my upcoming session?

Yes, you can reschedule your upcoming sessions for new date and time. You can share the reason of rescheduling while submitting new schedule.

How can check my session history?

You can check session history by going into Bookings>Booking detail>Schedule>upcoming/completed

How can I check my trainer name and contact details?

You can check your trainer name , contact and location in BOOKING DETAIL Screen under Bookings option.

How can I see my trainer location?

You can see you Trainer location through “View Location” button in Booking Details page.

How can I avail discounts on package/service?

You can easily Apply available coupon in final booking screen before payment to get discounts

Is a cancelled workout considered as availed?

No. However, you are required to cancel a session 2 hours before it begins. In case you are unable to do so, please inform us ASAP.

How can I reschedule my Upcoming Sesssion?

“You can reschedule your upcoming by following these steps:
Go to bookings>Schedule>Upcoming session>reschedule>select new date and time>fill reason/comment>submit.
After submission our Support team will approve the rescheduling request as per trainer availiblity on new date and time .In case of unavailiblity of trainer for that date and time support would not be able to approve your request.
PS- Rescheduling can only be done 12 hours prior to respective session timing.”

Can I cancel my upcoming session?

YES, you can cancel session minimum 2 hours prior to the session timing with a valid reason(you have to Contact our support team for that)

Can I change my Trainer If I am not satisfied?

Yes, you can change trainer with a valid reason and after the approval from admin/support.

How can I renew my package?

You can renew your existing package by repurchasing it again from App.

How do book my package?

You can avail your membership with us in 5 easy steps:

Step-1 – SignUp/Login

Download AntimatterFit App and signup/login using phone number/Face Book/Google.

Step-2 – Set the location and Workout type

Set Your Training Location and preferred Workout Format (Personal Training/Dance Fitness/Yoga/Dietitian/Martial Arts etc). Options are given to make your search easy.

Step-3 Choose Sub-Categories

Select Your workout Sub-Categories (Example: Yoga (Main) > Fitness Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation)

Step-4 Get A Package

Select your preference (live sessions/personal home coach and number of sessions)

Step-5 The Final Landing

Fill in the basic form and book your plan. 

How soon I can book a trainer for the session?

Minimum of 2 hours gap is needed between purchase time and session booking.

Can I book service for other person like friend or family member?

Yes, You can book Service/package for other person like a friend and family member by simply choosing “other” option on final purchase page and fill person details with date, time and location of training.

What is refund policy of purchased package?

All sales are final. Refunds will not be generated for any membership or products bought on the website/app.

Can I get reminder for upcoming sessions?

Yes, We send timely reminders for upcoming sessions through sms and notifications.

What is the authenticity for dietary recommendations?

All of our dietitians have years of practical experiences in dietary counselling for patients and clients of different needs and have masters or equivalent education in food and nutrition.

Are the trainers qualified to conduct personal training sessions?

All of trainers are certified or hold a formal degree in their respective training formats with years of practical experience.

Can I pay cash for purchasing a service/package?

We only offer digital modes of payment for our subscription. Digital payment is hassle-free and updates your booking instantly.

Can I cancel my subscription?

All sales are final. Refunds will not be generated for any membership or products bought on the website/app.

Can I have offline session with diet counsellor?

No, we offer only online/on-call sessions for our nutrition services.