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Garden workout

Gardens – A perfect Go-to Place for your everyday workout

written by antimatterfit
On Jan 13, 2021

“Nature does its own miracles to your body and mind”. 

Imagine the greenery and liveliness all around you when you decide to kickstart your day with an exercise/workout session. The chirping of birds (a melody to ears), the fresh air you inhale reaching directly to your lungs, the beautiful sunrise scenario (treat to your eyes) and whatnot. 

One is privileged to have a garden in their locality or home as the greenery has the superpower to open your eyes to a brand new day. As it is said, the right start can make your entire day ahead smooth and sorted. 

Why stay limited to those boring walls of your home if you have such magical amenities nearby/inside your house? Trust me exercising in a garden is worthy than a morning tea/coffee. Try It..!!

It doesn’t end here, there are many other benefits of working out in the garden and also the best garden workouts for faster and better results. So Stay Tuned..!! 

Garden Workouts – Miracles it has on your body and mind

Here You Go…

  1. Fresh air inhaled keeps the lungs and alveoli healthy.
  2. Meditation amid nature helps you achieve the edge of mental and spiritual peace. 
  3. Cardio in the garden increases oxygen flow to the heart and purifies the arterial blood in your entire body. 
  4. Exercise in the garden helps in controlling blood pressure, stress, migraine and improves the heart rate. Happy heart happy you.
  5. A-grade oxygen directly from trees and green plants/grass gives you naturally glowing skin. Bye-bye to beauty products.  
  6. Walking/exercising barefoot on the green wet grass improves eye-sight. Yeah, it’s proven.


How to Workout in a Garden?

Say a big NO to heavy equipment, no need for treadmills, bench, dumble set, stationary cycles, etc. etc. etc. Here are some ‘Garden Workouts’ for you to gain equivalent results by being in the lap of nature.


  1. Jogging/Running – Do it as a warm-up exercise or a part of your simple workout. Jogging or Running is no doubt the best cardio for any age group. Most enjoyable with your earphones on these will help to activate your body muscles and relax your mind. 
  2. HIIT in the Garden – Lunge Jumps, frog to extension, squat jumps, hops to plank, squats to kneeling, burpee, bear crawl, high knees, press up, heavy cardio and so on. All these HIIT exercises do not need any equipment but your dedication to achieve that fit and healthy body.
  3. Arm Exercises – To all the fitness freaks out there. We know that you can’t afford to skip your workouts. Here are some underrated arm exercises for you. Push-ups, pull-ups and arm exercises with bricks. Bricks or any other heavy lump of wood can do the trick for arm exercises. For pull-ups go to the stem of the longest tree in your community garden. As simple as that. 
  4. Yoga – Yoga is the ‘king of exercises’. It is the oldest and apt way of being fit and live long. Believe it or not, people with early-stage cancers have known to recover from Yoga. Every Asna has its own miracle in one’s body. Yoga is meant to be done in nature anyways as it is believed that nature soothes all our senses. Yoga + Meditation is a package you can adopt for body and mind.  
  5. Zumba – Well, this needs no equipment but your dedication and passion to become fit. Zumba and dancing are entertaining in their own ways. They help you energize and stimulate your entire body. One of the best workouts (especially for girls) to keep your entire body in shape. 

The Bottom Line

The place has a lot to do when you are exercising and therefore early morning workout in the garden is one of the best decisions you could make. Nature possibly contributes a lot to your workout and you will definitely come out benefiting more from it. The view soothes all your senses, keeps your mind calm and helps you focus more on the exercise you are doing. Apart from being fit, spending a morning in a garden helps sharpen your mind and sort your entire day ahead.    

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