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We provide wonderful fitness services for both men and women, like:

 Get your perfect workout plan.

 Take group fitness classes for body toning and strength development.

 You will directly receive individualized training from our 20+ Certified Professional Trainers.

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    By following our recommended specialized diet, extensive workout, yoga, and meditation practices, you can keep your body active, healthy, and in proper shape. Even though we have a local setup of a gym in Jaipur, you may start working out whenever and from wherever using the AntimatterFit app.

    We provide wonderful fitness services for both men and women, like:

    • Get your perfect workout plan.
    • Take group fitness classes for body toning and strength development.
    • You will directly receive individualized training from our 20+ Certified Professional Trainers.

    With the help of the most effective and nutritious training programs, our professional coaches have transformed the lives of 200+ individuals till now.

    Know Our Magnificient Gym Services

    Cardio Exercises

    Cardio Exercises

    Our best cardio exercises like Burpees, Mountain climbers, Squats, Froggy jumps, Jumping jacks, and Plyo jacks are the best ones to raise your immunity levels, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

    Weight Lifting

    Weight Lifting

    It is one of the best anaerobic exercises that increases your metabolism, strengthens your muscles, reduces the risk of illness, and lifts your mood. Reduce your abdominal fat by getting the best weight training from our experts.

    Zumba Classes​

    Zumba Classes

    Zumba is the perfect workout activity to improve your muscle endurance, lower your cholesterol, and drop your blood sugar levels. Our certified personal trainers are skilled at doing Aqua, Toning, and Classic Zumba styles.



    Your blood circulates fast throughout your body and your lungs absorb more oxygen after doing aerobics. So, to increase your stamina and weight loss, try our best aerobic activities like jogging, cross-country skiing, and cycling.

    Yoga Sessions

    Yoga Sessions

    Our effective ancient yoga breathing exercises, meditation, and movement are the best ones to enhance both mental and physical well-being. All 4 main types of Karma, Bhakti, Gyana, and Kriya Yoga are covered here.

    Pilates Workout

    Pilates Workout

    Pilates trains the entire body through proper postures, and strength in the lower body, upper body, and core. Our qualified trainers help you to increase your body’s overall strength, flexibility, and muscular distribution through this workout.

    What Describes Us Best?

    We know what you want: the best yoga classes, the friendliest trainers, and a gym that feels like home. So, whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to stay active in your day-to-day life, we at AntimatterFit can serve you with all the health benefits of exercise from your comfort zone.

    However, when you are searching for the best gym in Ajmer, then AntimatterFIT is the ultimate choice. We provide a variety of services, such as personal training, corporate training, boxing and kickboxing, women’s Bootcamp, and yoga. 

    Since 2010, we have helped a lot of people become healthier and stronger. The way AntimatterFit expert trainers guide workout to people have changed their complete mindset toward the fitness industry and they love doing it. 

    We are a locally established gym in Ajmer that always believe to use smart design and cutting-edge technology for providing a first-rate workout environment to our customers. 

    Why Choose AntimatterFit?

    Best Support

    Best Support

    Each new member receives complimentary individual training when they sign up. Whatever level of assistance you require, our knowledgeable, friendly staff is prepared to serve you.

    Extensive Training

    Extensive Training

    All the training equipment is modern and well maintained. Our certified specialists provide excellent opportunities for aerobics, weight lifting, cycles for spinning, classes for Zumba or body conditioning, and Yoga.

    Well-equipped Tools & Technology​

    Well-equipped Tools & Technology

    We have amazing tools and modern equipment like exercise bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, climbers, rowing apparatus, flexible weights,racks, cable overlays, and kettlebells, for your weight training.

    Convenient Place​

    Convenient Place

    The most convenient gym in Jaipur has the best amenities for its members like private showers, restrooms, cardio TVs, etc. It has different locations near Vaishali Nagar and Durgapur in Jaipur.

    Friendly Community​

    Friendly Community

    AntimatterFit is much more than a gym. You get the best community of like-minded people that are here to support you and offer you the inspiration you need.

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    Amazing Flexibility

    You can 24x7 access for AnimatterFit app anytime from anywhere to do exercises. Also, if you need some support from our trainers, then just send your doubts to us or attend the live session training for it.


    Our Certified And Skilled Professional Trainers

    Yashika Rahula

    Yashika Rahula

    Fitenss Trainer​

    She is a personal trainer/gymnast at AntimatterFit having 2+ years of experience working with athletes of all levels, including gymnasts and dancers. She will help you with your goal for weight loss or muscle gain.

    Anjali Kapoor

    Anjali Kapoor

    Fitenss Trainer​

    She is a personal fitness coach specializing in mixed martial arts (MMA) has 7+ years of experience and helps you with weight gain. She’s also a lifestyle coach who can show you how to make healthy food choices.

    Jyoti Singh

    Jyoti Singh

    Fitenss Trainer​

    She is the best yoga teacher, wellness coach, lifestyle trainer, and all-around fitness enthusiast with 5+ years of experience in this field. She helps people in reaching their best potential by strengthening their core through yoga.

    Untitled design -

    Gopal Vasinav

    Fitenss Trainer​

    He is a personal trainer having 7+ years of experience helping people with weight gain management and bodyweight training. Whether you’re looking for weight loss or muscle gain, his training is a perfect fit for your goals.

    Untitled design 1 -

    Karan Singh

    Fitenss Trainer​

    He is an expert in strength training, weight management, and body weight training having 2+ years of experience. He helps you to build muscle and lose fat to improve your body strength and make you feel strong.

    Untitled design 2 -

    Lokesh Meghwanshi

    Fitenss Trainer​

    He is a personal trainer, sports fitness consultant, and nutritionist expert coach. He guides you through an exercise routine that will help you lose weight or tone up your body, increase flexibility or improve strength.


    Harish Dagdi

    Fitenss Trainer​

    He is a certified personal trainer with over 3 years of experience. He specializes in fitness and bodybuilding programs. He helps in body weight exercises and kettlebells, as well as in cardio such as running or cycling.

    8 1 -

    Rakesh Rawat

    Fitenss Trainer​

    He is an expert in strength training, weight management, and body weight training having 2+ years of experience. He helps you to build muscle and lose fat to improve your body strength and make you feel strong.

    7 2 -

    Deepa Bisht

    Fitenss Trainer​

    She is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach with over 4+ years of experience. Also, her fitness training will work best for your goals to achieve for losing weight, and gaining muscle strength, and flexibility.

    FAQs Regarding Gym Exercises in Jaipur

    Q1. Does major lifestyle modifications are necessary to maintain physical fitness?

    Ans: Small adjustments to your diet and workout frequency can help you get in shape. Remember that you can begin slowly, increase your activity level over time, and gradually introduce more dietary adjustments.

    Q2. How Can I Build More Lean Muscle?

    Ans: Any type of resistance that your muscles must overcome that is greater than what they typically encounter can aid in stimulating muscular growth. Our AntimatterFit professionals know to give you the greatest strength training to build more lean muscle.

    Q3. Before working out, you should warm up. Is it true or false?

    Ans: True. Warm-up exercises should follow each session. Add 5 to 10 minutes of movement, such as walking, slow jogging, knee lifts, arm circles, and/or trunk rotations, in a warm-up. To assist prevent injury, warming up is crucial. It also aids in maximizing the advantages of exercise.

    Q4. When and how frequently should I stretch?

    Ans: Begin your workout with dynamic stretching or movements like walking lunges or leg swings that will improve your range of motion, mobility, and muscle arousal. Pick workouts that target the muscles you’ll be using during your workout.

    As part of your post-workout recovery, perform static stretching exercises like a standing forward fold or a kneeling hamstring stretch.

    Q5. AntimatterFit App: What is it and why to use it?

    Ans: Anyone interested in fitness and health should use the AntimatterFit App. You can work out in your home, a park, a community center, etc. using our app or website. You have a wide range of exercise options, including yoga, meditation, dance, martial arts, and many others.

    With the help of our certified professionals, you may have live, online, and offline consultations at any time and anywhere to help you lead a better lifestyle.

    Q6. To build muscles, athletes require more protein or protein supplements. False or True?

    Ans: False. Exercise and training help muscles grow. Adding more protein to your diet or taking protein supplements won’t help you build muscle. 

    A certain quantity of protein is required to aid in muscle growth, but a wholesome, balanced diet that contains 6-7 ounces of food from the meat, bean, and egg category each day and 2-3 meals of dairy will provide all the protein required for healthy muscles.

    Q7. How soon can you expect to see results?

    Ans: The time it takes to see benefits from our program can range from 6 to 8 weeks or longer. Other ways to monitor your success include how your clothes fit if you can handle harder or longer workouts, or taking progress photos and comparing them as you go.

    Q8. Can I postpone or reschedule my upcoming appointment in the AntimatterFit app?

    Ans: You have at least two hours before your scheduled class to cancel. On our app, you can also change the time of your session. Your session will be rescheduled if our administration grants your request.

    Q9. What age range is eligible for your services? Do you provide any packages just for kids?

    Ans: We offer a broad selection of services that can accommodate people of all ages. Even a special program for senior citizens is available.

    We provide youngsters or kids with a wide range of services, including yoga, dance, and martial arts.

    Q10. Which features does the AntimatterFit app offer?

    Ans: We give services like dancing, martial arts, yoga, meditation, fitness and health, and many more. Experienced trainers offer all of these services. 

    Moreover, we help you develop a healthy diet plan and improve your nutrition. To give you more fitness information, we also offer fantastic health and fitness blogs.


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