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Personal Training

A maintained physique, confident personality, Instagrammable looks, physically strong body, alert mind, and the list goes on. There are immense benefits of daily gymming but the major dilemma here is either there is time/location boundation or lack of motivation to hit the gym daily or nowadays COVID-19. AntimatterFit App is the way towards your goals. This simple and user-friendly app lets you book online fitness sessions or hire personal coaches to come to your place at your convenient timings. One can book their slots in any of these categories under physical training – regular fitness training, HIIT training, strength, and cardio, TRX, and calisthenics.

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Dance Fitness

Make it your hobby or your passion but do find an excuse to do it every day. Dance, Zumba and aerobics are the most entertaining forms of physical exercise, a fun way to reduce those extra calories from your body and remain in shape and healthy. Start your fun workout with AntimatterFit App in just a few clicks. Listed in the app are dance, Zumba and aerobic sessions (online/offline). Sessions you select will be customized as per your body requirements and will be centered around your interests. Move your body on some beats and magically lose that stubborn weight within a few months. Also, keep yourself active and fresh all day long.       

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Yoga is the ultimate package or physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Prior to the era of modern workouts, Yoga was the only cure for many physical diseases and/or disabilities. Even today people rely on Yoga more than any other type of workout to cure their health problems permanently. AntimatterFit App lets you book customized Yoga sessions for yourself (sessions centered on your problem and solutions). Listed in the app are power yoga, meditation and fitness yoga. Select your desired category from the catalog, book the plan (online/offline) and start your Yoga sessions. Your place, your preferred timings.          

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What you eat affects your body in the very first place. Every individual has a different body type and therefore nutrition requirement is different – age, gender, weight, certain health issues all these things matter while determining your diet. Sometimes you need to follow a certain diet with a certain workout to get the results (like weight gain training + the diet). Being a fitness app AntimatterFit is well versed with the importance of diet with the workout and therefore the app has a dietician segment under which you can get online counseling regarding your nutrition requirement weight loss, weight gain and general fitness diet plan you can opt for any of these diet plans and get your personalized diet charts+counselling from our experts. Moreover, you just have to visit us online.    

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Martial Arts

One of the profound ways to keep yourself fit inside out. Martial Arts training is like shooting two birds with one stone, it helps you stay fit, healthy and immune plus it makes you capable enough to defend yourself and your family in case of any uncertainty (like robbery, eve-teasing, etc. ). Martial Art training prepares you to be your own bodyguard. There are immense benefits of this training like active lifestyle, alertness, punctuality, spontaneity, physical strength and whatnot. AntimatterFit App beings to you the martial art segment that has self-defense training, karate, taekwondo, judo, boxing. Select the training of your choice, book a plan (online/offline) and get started with your workout at home with us.   

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Kids Fitness

Kids are the future of our nation and their health needs to be preserved at any cost.  AntimatterFit App has a segment entirely dedicated to kids and their physical as well as mental well-being. Parents are often concerned with their kids’ height, weight, physical strength, growth, mental alertness, activeness, concentration ability, social anxiety and so on. AntimatterFit has the solution to all those problems. The app is the best way to give them a hobby and keep them healthy at the same time. Experts with us have years of experience with kids and are known to set the mood and keep a soothing joyful environment. The kid’s fitness segment involves kids yoga, kids karate, kids self-defense, kids boxing, kids fitness training, kids weight loss, kids weight gain, kids fitness nutrition.

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Senior Citizen

Old age is often a problematic period for many individuals. The age is not only physically but mentally challenging. The age might be the beginning of health issues like joint pains, diabetes, hypertension, low blood pressure, depression, chronic weakness, digestion issues, heart or breathing problems. If you have an old parent living with you, you can give them a gift of personal fitness experts or online sessions to help them lead a smooth life. They might not be able to travel every day to fitness centers, so why not bring fitness centers at home? AntimatterFit App has an entirely separate segment for senior citizens under which are senior citizen fitness nutrition, meditation, physiotherapy, yoga, fitness training. For all that they have done for us in our childhood, we can at least make their physical+mental health our prime responsibility. Sessions can be taken from home and at their convenient timings.  

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Physio Therapy

Physiotherapy is known to cure any type of body ailment like fractures by accidents, posture problems, a stroke, sports injury, tissue stiffness, osteoporotic conditions, labor pain while pregnancy, pelvic pain and the list go on. Many people often hire physiotherapy trainers and pay them shedloads of money just to get relief from their problems/pains. AntimatterFit App lets you avail of personal physiotherapy sessions at many affordable rates and customized as per your body requirements. Get a personal physiotherapist or take a live online session, anything from the comfort of your homes and in your preferred timings. Physiotherapy if prescribed by the doctor after an accident/injury or in case of osteoporosis is taken special care of by our experts.    

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