49 Yoga Benefits of Yoga that are Proved by Science

Yoga is an ancient discipline that brings the mind and body together. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuji,” which means “yoke or unification.

In this article, I covered the scientific research-based yoga benefits. Yoga helps you in flexibility, depression, mental and physical disease prevention, and building a better social status.

Why is Yogi in Vogue?

We all become so occupied with our daily schedules in this crazy environment that we forget to take care of ourselves. Of course, we must meet our financial obligations, but it is also critical that we look after our bodies and minds. And it’s here that yoga comes in handy.

A healthy life requires a healthy body, healthy eating, and a healthy mind. Yoga and meditation are crucial parts of a healthy life.


Benefits of Yoga

People believe that yoga is solely for physical health and flexibility, but once they begin to practice it, they learn that yoga has much more to offer.

Here we are going to present to you 49 benefits of yoga that will motivate you to take up yoga and make it a part of your lifestyle.

  • Physical benefits 
  • Mental benefits
  • Spiritual benefits
  • Disease prevention
  • Effects on brain

Start Reading to find the Answers! 

Physical Benefits

We can see the physical Benefits of Yoga in all those people who practice it regularly. What are these benefits?

Asanas to try Reclined big toe pose, Eagle Pose, Cobra Pose.

2. Improves Balance

Benefits of yoga include improved balance that also prevents accidents like stumbling and falling, making the body more agile. 

It is scientifically proven that a strong sense of balance brings stillness and calmness to your whole body.

Asanas to try: Tree Pose, Chair Pose, Eagle Pose

3. Increases Metabolism

Both fast and slow rates of metabolism result in the person being either too skinny or too lean. With a balanced metabolism, a person can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Pro tip- metabolism can also be improved by having a protein-rich diet.

Asanas to try: Crescent Pose, Plow Pose, Shoulder Stand Pose.

4. Boosts Heart Health

Around 17.9 million people died from heart disease in 2019, according to WHO.

Yoga benefits the heart rate, blood pressure, and affects the BMI which helps in boosting heart health thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and helps in improving heart health after surgeries.

Asanas to try: Bridge Pose, Child’s Pose, Extended Triangle Pose.

5. Builds Strength 

When you hold certain positions and balance yourself, your muscles get toned. Yoga is proven to work out every muscle in your body.

This way it is possible to build strength through yoga. 

Asana to try Plank Pose, Cobra Pose, Boat pose. 

6. Helps in Weight Loss

A more active and intense yoga session for at least an hour three-four times a week can help a great deal in weight loss.

The Benefits of yoga breathing also include burning belly fat.

Asanas to try: Bow Pose, Camel Pose, Warrior Pose

7. Better Sleep

The Benefits of Yoga and meditation are help people sleep and cure insomnia. 

In India alone, there are more than 10 million cases of insomnia. 

Since yoga helps in reducing stress, and anxiety, and also boosts our nervous system, it is helpful for good sleep.

Asanas to try: Corpse Pose, Standing Forward Bend, Reclining Butterfly

8. Better Breathing

Popular yoga practice known as ‘Pranayama’ teaches you how to breathe while practicing yoga.

It proves beneficial for both mental and physical health.

Asanas to try: Cross-Legged Sitting Pose, Fish Pose, Lotus Shoulder Stand

9. Improves Blood Circulation

Yoga helps in boosting heart health and the circulation of blood throughout the body through relaxation. Twisting and inversion exercises all contribute to blood circulation as they can compress and decompress the veins.

Asanas to try Camel Pose, Triangle Pose, and Downward Dog Pose.

10. Prevents Back Pain

Around 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their life. It is usually caused by a torn muscle or a ligament.

Benefits of Yoga include strengthening the spine, muscles, and bones, and improving flexibility in the body. 

Asana to try: Cat-Cow Pose, Cobra Pose, Back Twisting

11. Prevents Aging

Yoga is a natural therapy that improves blood circulation, thereby giving a naturally radiant skin, it prevents hair loss, and helps in strengthening the body too.

Asanas to try: Seated Twist, Forward Bend, Tree Pose

12. Gives Glowing Skin

The Benefits of Yoga Breathing include giving radiant skin since it purifies the blood and improves circulation so that oxygen reaches all parts of the body. 

This helps to clear the skin from all impurities and gives it a glowing touch.

Asanas to try: Seated Forward Bend, Plow Pose, Shoulder Stand.

13. Balanced Hormones

Yoga can reduce stress and thus keep hormone secretion in balance.

Yoga helps in breathing thus regulating the endocrine system. Also, the inverted yoga poses are beneficial for organs that secrete hormones.

Asanas to try: Bridge Pose, Garland Pose, Rabbit Pose

14. Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Around 72.9 million people in India suffer from diabetes.

Yoga can reduce blood sugar levels as it targets the pancreas which produces insulin. It also reduces stress and anxiety which contributes to this factor.

Asanas to try: Upward-facing dog, Seated Forward Bend, Supine Spinal Twist

15. Improves Pain Tolerance

Studies have found that yoga increases gray matter in the brain, especially in the parts related to pain tolerance.

The benefits of yoga Nidra include stimulating the pituitary gland to reduce pain. Yoga helps to increase your pain threshold.

Asanas to try: Sitting Wall Stretch, Supported Fish Pose, Side Stretch.

Mental Benefits

In challenging times like now, when the world is suffering from physical and mental distress, we need mental peace as much as we need to keep our bodies healthy.

Here’s a list of mental health Benefits of Yoga that can improve the quality of our lives. 

16. Relieves Anxiety

According to the WHO, about 264 million individuals worldwide suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder including panic attacks. 

Yoga Benefits some of the symptoms of anxiety like, increased heartbeat, tightness in the chest, feeling nauseous just by calming our mind and body. 

Asanas to try: Hero Pose, Extended Puppy Pose, Fish pose

17. Decreases Stress

Our routines are hampering more and more these days with additional responsibilities resulting in increasing the stress levels.

Yoga asanas not only loosen the tense muscles in our bodies but also some of the breathing exercises that relax our minds.

Asanas to try: Bridge Pose , Cat-Cow Pose, Cobra Pose

18. Helps in Fighting Depression

Yoga Benefits the Mental health of people.

Yoga is considered to be an alternative for antidepressants and other medicines and helps those who aren’t willing to take medicines for the same. 

Asanas to try:  Upward-facing dog , Child Pose, Standing forward fold pose

 19. Positivity

On the days we feel a little off-track or unproductive, yoga can help in reviving that mind-body connection and incorporate some positivity in our routines. 

Asanas to try: Pigeon Pose, Wheel Pose, Warrior II Pose 

20. Helps in PTSD

PTSD makes people feel like they are losing their senses and control of their own bodies and mind.

Yoga provides mindfulness and makes a person aware of his/her mind and body.

Asanas to try: Extended Puppy Pose, Chair pose, Eagle pose

21. Improves Focus and Concentration

When we meditate or perform yoga, we focus on synchronizing our mental and physical actions.

This improved focus helps us in other aspects of our lives too.

Asanas to try: Bee Breathing, Tadasana, Parrior III pose

22. Rebuilds Energy

Having a calm session even for as short as 20 minutes of yoga benefits our mind and restores energy.

It also prevents mental exhaustion by cooling down our nervous system.

Asanas to try: Easy Pose With An Arch, Locust Pose, Full Cobra Pose

23. Controls Anger and Frustration

Yoga adds a cherry on the top of the cake by assisting people in controlling their anger and frustration.

Breathing exercises involved in yoga provide clarity of mind and prevent anger.

Asanas to try: Revolved Crescent Lunge, Goddess Pose, Easy Pose

24. Refines Behavior

Performing yoga needs a certain level of discipline that reflects our routine lives be it at work, school, or even in our personal lives.

Asanas to try: Forearm Plank Or Every Other Yoga Pose help in Building Discipline

25. Self-Awareness

Yoga can take you on a journey of self-discovery and awareness as Yoga Benefits our self-confidence and makes us realize our potential.

It enhances our lifestyle and improves our quality of life. 

Asanas to try: Rock Pose, Table Pose, Mountain Pose

26. Helps in ADHD

It has been observed that performing yoga asanas has positive effects on people, mainly children with ADHD since it involves focusing on the present moment. 

Asanas to try: Mountain Pose , Lion Pose, Child’s Pose 

27. Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a severe mental condition marked by experiencing delusions and hallucinations, weak memory, and attention issues. While yoga cannot cure schizophrenia, it acts as therapy for the patients along with their regular treatment and medication. 

Asanas to try: Fish Pose, Seated Forward Bend Pose, Pranayama

28. Makes Emotionally Strong

Yoga is highly effective in making a person emotionally resilient.

Studies show that people practicing yoga are emotionally strong since Yoga Benefits in controlling stress and anxiety.

Asanas to try: High Lunge, Eagle Pose, Dancer’s Pose

29. Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is evident through frequent changes in the mood and energy of a person. Stress triggers and worsens bipolar disorder. Yoga Benefits the performers by calming them.

Asanas to try: Dolphin Pose, Eagle Pose , Seated Forward Bend Pose   

30. Helps in the Rehabilitation Process

The psychological rehabilitation process can be smoothened through yoga as it helps maintain mental balance and overcome drug addiction and relieve its pre and post effects.

Asanas to try: Bound Angle Pose, Supine Hero’s Pose, Backbend Pose

Spiritual Benefits

Apart from the physical Benefits of Yoga, which are more common, there are greater Benefits of Yoga and Meditation.

Here is a list of spiritual Benefits of Yoga

31. Boosts Confidence

Since yoga helps you in reducing anxiety, discovering yourself, and becoming more self-aware as well as aware of your surroundings, it helps in boosting your confidence.

Asanas to try: low lunge, lion pose, warrior I pose

32. Better Mental Clarity

Yoga encourages one to keep positive thoughts, while it teaches to keep negative thoughts at bay.

This helps in achieving mental clarity which otherwise is very tough to find.

Asanas to try: Prayer Pose, Lotus Pose , Boat Pose

33. Spiritual-Awakening 

Yoga laws guide one on the path of love and care for others as well as themselves.

It connects you with spirits and gives you a sense of spiritual-awakening.

Asanas to try: Archer Pose, Spinal Flexes, Sufi Grind Pose

34. Promotes Self-Control

Yoga Benefits your ability to control yourself. It makes you more aware of your surroundings and also helps in controlling stress, anxiety, and depression.

Asanas to try: Seated-forward Bend, Cobra Pose, Shoulder stand Pose

35. Inculcates Emotional Sensitivity

Emotionally sensitive people are kind, compassionate, and empathetic.

A study has shown that people who practice yoga regularly have a better EQ (emotional quotient), that is yoga benefits their sensitivity.

  • Asanas to try: Ragdoll Pose, Rock Pose, Mountain Pose

36. Creates Positive Karma

Yoga helps to send positive energies into the world. Thus yoga also has the capability of creating positive karma. 

Asanas to try: Wide child Pose, Thunderbolt Pose, lunges Pose

37. Union of Mind, Body, and Soul

Yoga helps in the union of your mind, body, and soul. Benefits of yoga poses include the realization of oneself and becoming more aware which leads to this union.

Asanas to try: Warrior Pose , Seated-forward Bend

38. Disease Prevention

People today suffer from various kinds of diseases which don’t have any cure. Studies have proven yoga to help in curing even chronic diseases.

Benefits of Yoga Breathing or pranayama include curing asthma. Studies show how yoga can affect lung function and thus serve as a long-term cure for asthma.

Asanas to try: Bridge Pose, Seated Spinal twist, Alternate Nostril Breathing

39. Cure PCOS

PolyCystic Ovaries or PCOS can be solved by yoga. It is an effective solution for ovarian cysts.

Asanas to try: ward dog Pose, Cobra Pose

40. Liver Problems

Yoga benefits our liver as it increases blood circulation in the abdomen. Obesity is a major cause of liver diseases and yoga helps in weight loss.

Asanas to try: Garland Pose, Downward dog Pose, Cobra Pose

41. Arthritis 

One of the benefits of yoga is arthritis. It helps in increasing pain tolerance and flexibility, thus helping in controlling pain caused by arthritis.

Asanas to try: Sun Salutations, Angry Cat, Supine Twisting

42. Reduces Chances of Alzheimer’s

Yoga allows a person to enjoy the existing moment and relieves the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. For a fact, Alzheimer’s is more common in women.

Asanas to try: Plow Pose, Bent-Knee Downward Facing dog, Forward Bend

43. Quit Smoking

Smoking kills 926,000 people each year. Yoga benefits in reducing anxiety caused by the urge to smoke while studies show yoga can help users to quit smoking.

Asanas to try: Kapalbhati Pranayama, Shoulder Stand Pose, Corpse Pose

44. Reduces Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis makes bones weak, especially in women. A study found yoga to be good for bones and increase bone density.

Asanas to try: High Plank Pose, Triangle Pose, Tree Pose

45. Stroke

In India, around 1.5 million people suffer from stroke each year. A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain cuts. Yoga Benefits stroke as it helps in blood circulation.

Asanas to try: Staff Pose, Monkey Pose, Mountain Pose

Effects on Brain

Yoga affects the different parts of the brain. Here are some Benefits of yoga on the brain. 

46. Supports Parasympathetic Nervous System

Yoga supports the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) through the act of breathing and mindfulness.

Asanas to try: Easy Pose, Half Shoulder Stand, Earth-Facing Corpse Pose

47. Releasing Restorative Neurochemicals

Benefits of Yoga Exercise include releasing oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin among others which have a healing effect on the brain.

Asanas to try: Thread the Needle Pose, Bridge Pose, Seated Cat-Cow Pose

48. Makes Mentally Tough

Yoga instills a conception of being mentally tough. It improves brain fitness by helping a person to concentrate, improve focus, and control emotions.

Asanas to try: Big Toe Pose, Plow Pose, Seated Forward Bend

49. Boosts Memory

People can learn to improve their memory. Studies have shown that people practicing yoga have better memory performance.

Asanas to try: Lotus Pose, Fish Pose, Hero Poses.

Wrapping Things Up: Yoga is Good for Everybody

Anyone who commits to regular yoga practice is making an investment in their own mental and physical wellbeing. That’s always a good thing! Not only does yoga offer numerous mental and physical benefits that will have a positive impact on your quality of life, but it can also help you focus and be more productive at work or school, too.

Keep in mind that you may experience some of these benefits if you only practice yoga once in a while. But if you want to maximize the benefits and maintain them over time, you’ll need to practice at least a few times a week.