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Why You Need To Track Your Every Move for any organized fitness journey and absolute end results?

written by antimatterfit
On Jan 13, 2021
Track your fitness journey with antimatterfit app

“It is always good to measure little progress”. 

100% of people workout to gain results (a toned and healthy body). But how do we know that we are gaining something out of the efforts we give?  A fitness journal entry is nowadays a daily dose for many gym enthusiasts tracking their daily achievements, routines, diet, and exercise nowadays and it is necessary too because this is the only way to be able to actually see the results of the efforts pumped in to get fit and healthy.

As far as it seems to be a tedious task, isn’t it realistic to maintain a proper workout journal including the records of your daily diet, exercise, workout schedule, full-body progress photos so that you can easily track your developments and assess how close or far are you from your fitness goals? Well, in my opinion, this way you will achieve what exactly you want out of your workout sessions.

Mostly the fitness journals are maintained by personal fitness trainers who work on their client’s physique, this is a good habit indeed and needs to be adopted by everyone who exercises and works out on daily basis.

5 Reasons to Maintain a Fitness Journal

1. Keeps you grounded to your goals

Setting a goal is not hard, sticking up to it and achieving it is where you need to actually work on. Set a goal (weight loss or weight gain or a toned body), jot down the routine, diet or exercise and track your mini-steps towards your ultimate goal. This way you will never forget your goal and keep working on it every single day. Organizing your path.

2. Articulate your progress

Workout is a slow and consistent process and the results are definitely not immediate. You will not see the difference in a day or two, therefore maintaining a fitness journal will help you see the difference in your body in the long run (say 15-30 days). Every workout pays for itself if done with sincerity and on a daily basis along with the watch on your daily diet.

3. It helps you set the benchmarks

If you are 75kg in 5” and your ultimate goal is 50kgs. In a month say you have reduced 5 kgs bringing you to 70kgs. Does the journey stop here? Not at all. This is the time to be even more motivated and buckle up with your exercise setting the benchmark for achievements in the next month. Tracking down the changes in you (inches, weight or body pictures) will help you determine the roadmap for your upcoming month and workout/eat accordingly.

4. Keeps you motivated throughout

One definitely gets pumped up with his/her previous achievements. Once the results are in your favor you automatically get energized to achieve even more. Take a picture of yourself on day 1 of the workout and take one on day 15. The difference that you will notice in your appearance will give you the satisfaction you couldn’t imagine. This booster will prepare you mentally for further challenges.

5. To detect the default (if any)

What if a certain workout is not having any effect on your body? You will definitely not want to continue with that. The daily record will help you analyze the efficiency of your workouts and if a certain exercise/workout is not that effective you will know when to switch to an upgraded version or increase the reps for better results.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s an at-home workout or gymming a little home-work is a must. A fitness journal will always guide you in the correct direction and will timely give you a reality check on your performance and development. If you opt for a personal fitness coach, the very first thing he/she will do is record your present weight, body measurements and a picture to compare later on with the results.

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