Yoga and Breathing Exercises have a calming effect on your body. 

It can be your biggest companion if you have a hectic schedule. 

You can do yoga in the morning before starting your work or in the evening after work. 

It will give you Mental and physical Peace either way.

Benefits of Breathing Exercises in Yoga:-


Breathing is the main source of all the conditioning in our mortal system. What are the benefits of diurnal breath- concentrated practice?

1. It relieves anxiety, stress and pressure in the body.
2. It helps in detoxify the body by oxygenating the whole body.
3. It helps to optimally oxygenate the body and all its organs to allow us to heal at a faster rate.
4. It helps to find great inner peace, concentrated mind and allowed control.
5. It boosts performance as it helps to control their physiological and cerebral responses to stress and breathing.
6. Using the diaphragm muscle to breathing helps in massage and move the inner organs and aids to digestion and detoxification.
7. It helps in controlling your wrathfulness and fear so you can reply meetly.
8. It lowers the release of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in the bloodstream.
9. It helps in keeping your mind at ease.
10. It helps us in dealing with pain and breathe through it.

The Exercises that I have covered in this Article Are:-

Child’s Pose

Corpse Pose

Leg Up the Wall Pose

Crocodile Pose

Bound Angle Pose

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sahita Kumbhaka Breathe

Ujjayi Breathe

Sitala Breathe

Now let’s start with the poses

1. Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

One of The Best Yoga and Breathing Exercises for Beginners, 

You have to sit on your heels and stretch forward with your torso between your thighs and palms facing downwards. 

  • This is one of the most recommended yoga-poses-for-relaxation when you feel dizzy and want some relaxation. It is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety as well. 
  • It can release tension from the lower back and shoulders while also stretching your thighs and hips, causing a calming effect on your mind. 
  • It represents a fetal position and induces Mental, Physical, and Emotional Solace.

2. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

A part of Yoga and Breathing Exercises,

This pose is quite simple where you just have to lie down on your back to relax:-

  • It is done at the end of a yoga session to provide a sense of relaxation.
  • Taking a break on a hectic day can Replenish all your energy and make you more productive.
  • This pose makes your mind relax and give a fit look to you body.

3. Legs Up-the-Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Legs Up the Wall Pose Viparita Karani - yoga

Place the back of your legs on a wall with your feet facing upwards while lying on your back.

  • This Legs Up-the-Wall Pose has a calming effect on your body and mind. It shows a positive effect on Anxiety, Migraine, Headaches, and even Mild Depression.
  • This pose is proven to help the body to go into a deep stage of Relaxation making your brain self-aware and relaxed

4. Crocodile Pose (Makarasana)

ocodile Pose (Makarasana)

The Crocodile Pose resembles a crocodile underwater. 

For this Yoga and Meditate Exercise,

Lie down on your stomach with your elbows on the ground and your chin resting on your palms.

  • It can relieve all the tight knots in your body while releasing the tension in the shoulders and spine.
  • Induces slow and deep breaths while also Preventing Anxiety.
  • It makes you alert and is very useful to let go of all the clutter that you have in Your Mind.

5. Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

Bound Angle Pos

Lie on your back with your feet together and near your groin in such a way that the outer edge of your feet touches the floor.  

  • Improves blood circulation. 
  • Releases Stress, Tension, and can help with Mild Depression and Refreshes your Mind. 
  • Targets the nervous system and relieves headaches.

Pro Tip:- Remember that Yoga and Breathing Exercises cannot give you instant relaxation. Make it a regular habit and see its magic! 

6. Pranayam

Source The-Answers-Lie-In-Moments-Of-Silence

Breathing Exercises help you to relax your body because they make your body feel the same way when it is relaxed like when you wake up or are about to sleep.

Deep breathing sends a message to your brain to help the body Relax and Calm down. 

The brain sends the same message to other organs which leads to reduced heart rate, balanced blood pressure, or other signs of stress in your body.

Breathing Exercises rejuvenate the body, introducing a serene feeling.

Pranayam, a part of yoga, has very calming effects. 

Let’s check some of the Yogic Breathing Exercises that you can do to calm yourself.

7. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing

  • These Yoga and Breathing exercises relieves stress and anxiety very quickly.
  • Sit straight, close one nostril with your thumb and inhale, then close your other nostril and exhale slowly.
  • While doing Alternate Nostril Breathing, set an intention to keep your Brain Engaged. This will soothe your mind and give you a deep state of relaxation.

8. Sahita Kumbhaka Breath

sahita kumbhaka breath
SOURCE tejasyogachicago

One of the Best Yoga and Breathing OR Meditation Exercises:-

  • This breathing technique helps you to focus on the gap between inhaling and exhaling.
  • Inhale slowly and hold your breath for a few moments, then exhale slowly.
  • This can be difficult to practice at first but then you will get the hang of it. 
  • During your busy day, a few minutes of this deep breathing can pacify you and rejuvenate you

9. Ujjayi Breath

Ujjayi Breath - yoga
  • Also known as the ocean breath, this yoga and breathing exercise creates a sense of calm as an ocean.
  • Sit with a straight spine. Inhale and then exhale trying to make the sounds of ocean waves crashing each time.
  • These yoga and breathing exercises can be practiced at times of anxiety and stress to bring instant calm.
  • This exercise makes you fit and you can look more younger

10. Sitali Breath

Sitali Breath
  • The Yogic Breathing Exercise is a tougher technique to do. To do this, you have to open your mouth with your tongue like a tube and inhale, then hold your breath in with your mouth closed, and then exhale through your nose.
  • Imagine Sitali Breath technique to be like drinking air with your tongue as a straw.
  • Doing this exercise for a few minutes will Calm you down Physically and Mentally.

Breathing Exercise for Calm & Focus

YOGA INF - yoga

Yoga and Breathing Exercises connect you with your soul and can be an instant way of relaxation and rejuvenation. Apart from these techniques, 

There are a lot of other techniques too. You should give them a try!

When we think of relaxation, yoga and breathing techniques come to our mind first. Other than that there are many methods to follow for relaxation. Here are some of them.

  • Taking a warm bath with bathing salts will refresh you a lot.
  • Listening to calming music.
  • Talking to a friend or a guardian at times of stress, sharing how you feel has calming effects.
  • You can use journal writing to write how you feel and record your thoughts.
  • Another best method is meditation. Everybody knows how calming meditation can be when feeling stressed.
  • Sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself at a place where you feel calmer. This trick is also known as ‘Guided Imagery’. 
  • Go for a long calming walk. 
  • A massage or a spa session will also help you to get rid of Cortisol.
  • Do your favorite activity. It can be dancing or cooking or anything.

These tips will reduce your stress levels. Trust me all of these are worth giving a try.  


Staying fit is a necessity for your body. Studies have shown exercise to improve brain performance and sharpen memory.

This workout plan from home is my way of motivating you to do something for your body.

If you want to maintain a healthy body, then start taking challenges. Let experience be your guide. But if you need some extra edge you can try our fitness app.

Take 10 minutes from your and utilize this period for a short full-body home workout. 

So next time, When you’re watching a movie, watch it while doing planks or lifting dumbbells. Attending a long phone call? start performing lunges.

Tell us which type of workout plan you will try? 

If you liked this blog then comment below and share it with your friends.

Get up and start exercising!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How many days a week should you do yoga?

A1 You, can do yoga everyday. But if it is not possible than practiced between two and five times per week

Q2. What are the four main types of yoga?

A2. These are four main types of Yoga:-

(i) Karma Yoga

(ii) Bhakti Yoga

(iii) Rāja Yoga

(Iv) Jñāna Yoga

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